College Advice for the Competitive Edge

Ann, Westchester County, New York

My son is the poster boy for “brilliant under-achiever.” He has ADHD, a high IQ, and meager motivation. Preparing for college was going to be an uphill battle. This was the challenge presented to Barbara after several had failed before her.

Not only was Barbara able to figure out my son’s motivations and interests, she was able to help him to present himself on paper in ways he had never before been able to. She got him engaged in the process. She was able to keep him on track every step of the way; whether it was writing his essays, resume or personal statement. She made sure he got the recommendations he needed—in time. She was able to help him narrow down his choices and provided a more appropriate college list than even his Dean had.

With Barbara’s skilled coaching, I never had to be concerned that the process would get away from my son. Everything went smoothly and he ended up in a terrific school! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Stefanie, Westchester County, New York

The college admissions process can be very challenging and stressful. When applying to so many schools simultaneously, it was so helpful to have Barbara keeping track and reminding my daughter of deadlines. Equally important was her assistance in helping my daughter choose and refine the topics she would write about in her essays and supplements.

Barbara is extremely organized and broke down the application process into steps that were much more manageable. In addition, she developed a wonderful rapport with my daughter. This relationship, along with Barbara’s knowledge of each schools requirements, helped her guide my daughter to the schools that best fit her needs. Barbara’s assistance throughout the entire process was invaluable!

Fiona, Westchester County, New York

We are from the UK, and my husband and I had zero knowledge of the US college system. Obviously preparing for college was going to be an enormous challenge. Luckily for us we were introduced to Barbara who held our hands and guided us through the process. Although our daughters have very different needs and personalities, Barbara was able to connect with them both, and to keep them on track throughout the application process. I don’t know what we would have done without her. My elder daughter has just completed her freshman year and has declared it ‘the best year of her life’. My younger daughter is heading off to a great college in the fall. Thank you again Barbara!

Renee, South Florida

Working with Barbara during the college application process was an extremely rewarding and positive experience for my son. Her assistance, guidance, and individual attention during this stressful time were invaluable, and helped make this process so much less challenging. Barbara provided excellent support in the editing of essays and personal statements, while allowing him to remain true to his own voice. She was very helpful in advising my son how to best present his accomplishments and leadership abilities and to differentiate himself in a positive, but honest manner. Barbara’s professionalism, personalized support, encouragement, and unique ability to tailor her suggestions and advice to my son’s needs, made her a pleasure and asset to work with.